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We're excited to bring you Mortgage Wise with Mike Wise at Capstone Direct - a series about the basics of home mortgages, the mortgage market and industry, and the diverse ways that mortgages can fit into an individual’s broader financial situation.

This series for YOU — real estate agent, borrower, investor, loan officer, students...anyone else who wants to become mortgage wise. 

“I’ve led Capstone Direct since 2007, but I have been doing loans for thirty years now, since 1992, so I have a long history and a lot of expertise in the industry. I founded Capstone Direct on an acronym called RISE – Relationships, Integrity, Service, and Expertise. I want to bring that expertise to you so you can learn more about the mortgage industry!” - Mike Wise

What's Mortgage Wise about? 

In this series, you can expect to learn about mortgage basics like what makes up a payment, what a credit report looks like, and how the economics of the mortgage work. We’ll discuss the mortgage industry, rates and how mortgage plays a role in the greater financial market. 

You will see interviews with other industry experts such as... 

  • Appraisers 
  • Loan Officers 
  • Title Officers 
  • Escrow Officers 
  • Credit company reps 
  • and more! 

Since home ownership is the biggest form of investment for most people and serves as the foremost avenue to individual wealth, we want to help readers understand the ins and outs of their financial situation and opportunities. 

How to find new content?

Lucky for you, new content is coming every week! Twice a month, we'll be posting new YouTube videos and on opposite weeks, we'll be posting blogs for you readers out there.

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