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Capstone Direct was  founded in 2007 and we have successfully operated in good standing, including through significant challenges associated with the mortgage crisis. As a direct lender,  our mortgage rates are typically  lower than large financial institutions. Plus, we’ve simplified the loan application process,. We of course require the usual financial information, but we help you complete the forms,  thereby making the process easier.



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Interest rates for fixed rate loans are typically lower for shorter term loans and for borrowers with excellent, above average credit scores.


Variable rate loans are popular when the prime rate (the amount the U.S. government charges lending institutions to borrow money) is low.


FHA (Federal Housing Administration) are government insured loans that are a preferable option for borrowers who have less than 20% for their down payment, and who may not have the best credit score.


If you already own a home, refinancing is something to consider when current interest rates are lower than the rate of your current mortgage. For people 62 or older, getting a reverse mortgage on your home can be a way to provide additional income.

About Mike Wise

With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Mike is a seasoned business executive, well versed in every imaginable aspect of mortgage banking. He has a solid track record as a strategic, innovative and results-driven leader who emphasizes ethics, loyalty and enthusiasm in both his team and client relations. With Mike as the driving force, Capstone Direct has become a lender capable of offering clients a superior loan application experience while maintaining low rates.

Prior to founding Capstone Direct, Mike served as the Senior Vice President of Secondary Marketing at Oakmont Mortgage which was eventually purchased by Ownit Mortgage Solutions.

Mike graduated with his B.S. from Cal Lutheran University in Business Administration. Outside of the office, Mike is a devoted family man, married for 20+ years with 4 kids and is very active in his local church and the Ventura County Foster Care system.

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Capstone Direct is committed to empowering its customers, employees and business partners with a tangible foundation of service and useful information to contribute to their making the best decisions possible for themselves so that we all may “RISE”.
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