Florida Home Loans

The Sunshine State remains one of the most popular locations in the country for retirees, career opportunists, and anyone who prefers more sunshine in their lives.

Securing the best home loans in Florida is far from straightforward, and that’s where Capstone Direct comes in.

Our expertise, experience, and knowledge of local American home loans in Florida empower you to find your perfect home. Work with Capstone Direct to score Florida mortgage loans at the lowest possible rates.

Finance Your Home in Florida

Florida has been at the heart of the real estate boom throughout the pandemic. Price increases may make you think that affordable financing is a bygone dream. But at Capstone Direct, we are the experts in finding affordable Florida home finance for new arrivals and lifelong Floridians.

The median single-family home price in Florida was $348,000 in 2021, just below the national average. Considering how popular this state is for snowbirds, it may surprise you to learn how affordable buying a home in the Sunshine State can be.

There is no doubt that the state is in the middle of a real estate boom. The state enjoys some of the hottest real estate markets in the country. According to the Florida Realtors Association, the median price of a single-family home has risen 22% year-on-year.

None of this should stop you from finding your ideal home. At Capstone Direct, we help ordinary hardworking Americans get approved for a Florida mortgage on their next home. We are a mortgage provider that makes it easy to analyze the current market and simplify the application process.

Home loans are complicated, especially with so many financial products available. We help you find a home loan that matches your circumstances. Today, Florida homeowners spend a whopping 45% of their median income on mortgages, but the state’s lower cost of living compensates for this large outlay.

Begin your search for low mortgage rates and make your Florida dream come true. Contact Capstone Direct to get the latest mortgage rates in three minutes or less.

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Types of Florida Home Loans

Make navigating the world of home loans in Florida simple with the help of Capstone Direct.

It takes a few clicks to pinpoint the lowest mortgage rates available to prospective homeowners today. Achieve your ambition of becoming a homeowner by analyzing the various loans you could be eligible for.

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are mortgages backed by the federal government and conform to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae standards. You can obtain a mortgage with just 3% money down and competitive interest rates if you qualify.

First-time buyers and low-income families are ideal candidates for conventional loans. Got extra room in your budget? Put down 20%, and you can avoid taking out private mortgage insurance with your mortgage lender in Florida.

VA Loans

Active service members, veterans, and surviving spouses could qualify for low-interest VA loans. These are administered through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and have the lowest mortgage rates in the nation.

Secure these loans with a credit score of just 640, with no money down and no private mortgage insurance required.

FHA Loans

The Federal Housing Administration also backs loans for first-time buyers and people with low credit scores.

With a credit score of 580, you could qualify for a mortgage with just a 3.5% down payment. Even buyers with a credit score of 500 can secure one of these home loans in Florida if they’re willing to put down 10%. Private mortgage insurance is required for all FHA loans.

Get in touch with Capstone Direct to learn about how FHA loans work.

USDA Loans

Take out a loan through the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan Program for a mortgage with no money down and a minimum credit score.

USDA loans apply to designated suburban and rural areas within Florida. If you have a credit score of at least 640, you can take advantage of streamlined processing on your loan application with mortgage companies in Florida.

Jumbo Loans

Borrow more than a conventional mortgage can offer with a jumbo loan. These loans provide financing in excess of $647,200 for purchasing those larger homes in more expensive parts of the state.

Qualifying for a jumbo loan means putting down up to 20% in advance and accepting higher interest rates and closing costs.

Talk to Capstone Direct to learn more about reducing the rates on your jumbo loans.

Florida Housing Programs

First-time homebuyers can take advantage of down payment and closing cost assistance designed for Floridians.

Extra help is available if purchasing a home in a targeted neighborhood or street where a minimum of 70% of households earn 80% or less of Florida’s state median income.

Qualified veterans can also take advantage of extra help to purchase their homes through more competitive mortgage rates.

Get in touch with the professionals at Capstone Direct to learn more about Florida’s housing programs.

Why Capstone Direct?

Capstone Direct has been supporting Americans in securing their mortgages since 2007. Be the next person to get approved for a low-rate mortgage in Florida with the help of our friendly, professional team.

Comparing rates across the market couldn’t be simpler. Florida home loans are just a few clicks away.

Our commitment to the R.I.S.E philosophy empowers us to go above and beyond what other mortgage companies can offer.

  • Relationships – We cultivate and manage robust relationships with our stakeholders. Our network is firmly equipped to provide five-star services to our clients.
  • Integrity – We believe in the traditional values of honesty, transparency, and integrity. Our team always has your best interests in mind.
  • Service – Top-quality service is something we are proud of. Get responses fast and the utmost customer service while pursuing Florida home loans.
  • Expertise – Our team is local experts in the Florida mortgage market. Talk to our team for personalized advice on the best-value move for you and your family.

We understand how challenging the journey to homeownership can be. Capstone Direct takes pride in simplifying the process to ensure you can get approved for your mortgage and move into your new abode as quickly as possible.

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